Posted On: Nov 23, 2009   

This recent AOL news reminds me of the economic pressures portrayed in Charles Dicken novel Hard Times. News is that AOL is exercising a new, volunteer employee-lay off program in which the company plans to lay off 2,500 of its staff.

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Posted By :  Vibha-Babbar

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Statistics are now Easier to find with Google Private Data
Posted On: Nov 18, 2009   

Innovations never take a back seat at Google! Google brainies have integrated new Private Data feature to its search result. World Bank has released an API for its data and Google was quick to integrate it into their search result and make statistics easier to find!

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Posted By :  Vibha-Babbar

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Geo Targeted Web site Design
Posted On: Nov 03, 2009   

The phrase might not be very familiar in the Web Design industry, but Geo Targeted Web site Design is the new emerging trend that targets an audience belonging to a specific region or geographical area.

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Posted By :  Vibha-Babbar

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