Randomly tweaking the old warranty processes and tools causes operational mesh and revenue loss
Posted On: May 18, 2011   

Warranty Management is a right opportunity to maximize customer service experience. Most of the best-run companies believe in automating warranty but often tend to take wrong steps towards such process automation. They bank upon making changes in their existing systems to cater to warranty processes and at the same time try to accomplish the entire warranty process rather perfectly. The irony however is that tweaking your existing applications/systems to suit service and warranty management requirements or building a home-grown tool is a non-standard and futile exercise. In the short-run, it may look to be an easy and cost effective alternative but it actually creates a mesh in the service operations and causes substantial revenue loss.

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Posted By :  Rakesh Kumar

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Increasing Market competitiveness by Streamlining Warranty Chain Processes
Posted On: May 13, 2011   

In an effort to streamline warranty process at all levels, including - OEMs, Suppliers and third-party service providers, many companies are revising their business processes and adopting technology to better manage their product warranty. Many have understood that a comprehensive review of the entire warranty process includes repair operations, claims handling, forward and reverse logistics, and cost recovery processes. This requires the collation of data at one centralized platform. For this, the companies find Warranty Management Software as the right technology tool that streamlines warranty and claim processes. These softwares are integrated business intelligence solutions that have emerged as a handy tool in pioneering warranty management.

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Revenue Leakage and Diminishing Brand Value from Poor Customer Service Management
Posted On: Mar 25, 2011   

Nearly all industries in today’s hypercompetitive global marketplace require superior after-sales support and service. Offering quality products, good market reach and competitive pricing have long been accepted as “must-haves” for a successful brand. Superior after-sales is the new guru-mantra that not only helps in winning you best customer experience, but also adds to your bottom-line. Companies that invest in empowering their service management practices are the clear leaders in achieving customers’ continued loyalty.

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Posted On: Jan 23, 2012   

Because if you run a Fitness or Gyming center, you must know that your equipments are worth it; only if you don’t follow the “fix it only when it stops working” approach. When someone buys fitness equipments, they are buying more than just equipments. Every sale is a promise to meet and exceed our customer's expectations, and also the promise of excellent equipment after-sales service.

After-Sales Service though critical is still a neglected or less thought about business process in the health & wellness industry and can be a major bottleneck to the growth if it continues to be neglected further.

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Posted By :  Rakesh Kumar

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