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Posted on:  Jan 07, 2010


Growing Story of IT Parks in Delhi, India
Soon the world will be witnessing the emergence of an IT superpower: India. The Software Development Companies, India, have proved their virtue by generating quality web solutions; and up roared its emergence. The new development that supports this colossal boom is the establishment of IT Parks across the nation.
Lately, Delhi IT Parks have been established in various regions that encompass many Software Development companies in Delhi under one roof. Delhi IT Park, for instance, is an IT complex developed by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).  Very close to Shastri Park Metro Station, Delhi IT Park is spread over a large area and covers close to 100 Software Development companies in Delhi. Big Software Development Companies like Genpact also has an operational building in the Delhi IT Park.
Besides, many IT and ITeS occupants are planning to shift their buildings in any of the IT Parks, as they offer excellent infrastructure. Like a real campus town, the Delhi IT Park has:
  •    Three Blocks, wherein the Software Development Companies carry out their business processes
  •     A parking facility where each block can store near to 300 cars
  •    A branch of Central Bank of India in case you need instant cash
  •    A gymnasium
  •    Training Rooms
  •    Conference Halls
The popularity of IT Parks attests to the fact that many Software Development Companies, including many B2B companies who may run a parallel business with other IT firms get a close-knit connection. The commercial complex has state-of-the-art infrastructure, amazing facilities, employees share the same culture and then there is a regulatory body Software technology Parks of India (STPI) that manages and regulates the parks.
Have you ever worked in a Custom Software Development Company, Delhi (India) situated in an IT Park? Or if you have made a visit to any IT Park for an interview or anything?  We would love to hear about your personal views on how the environment there differs from a simple commercial campus. Put in a comment and we will discuss!
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Reader's Comments
 Mar 23, 2010 at 16:34 PM
This is good stuff of reading.
 Apr 10, 2010 at 18:53 PM
Good Post. After Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR is slowing becoming the hub of IT Industry.
KK Smith
 Jan 01, 2012 at 15:19 PM
more informatin needed
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