Google Buzz At the first Glance
Posted on:  Feb 11, 2010

The Buzz is now here- it’s right in your inbox! Google has launched a fortified social status feature in the social media foray. Just 2 days since the launch, and Google BUZZ has been “abuzz” among social networkers- I can already see status updates on Facebook and Orkut that reads, “Who has got Google 'BUZZ' in his/her mailbox? Anyone...?”


Discussing all the Buzz features would rob you of experiencing such a burgeoning and talked-off Gmail feature. So I would leave that for you. Consider this post as a hand-shake familiarization with the buzzing topic on web today.
Update Status
Google Buzz reads in Bold, “Go beyond status messages”. With Google Buzz, we can update our status (so can we in Facebook and Orkut), we can share the status publicly or privately with just few friends (so can we with Facebook’s customized status update feature), the comments and replies are prompted instantly, without hitting the ‘refresh’ button (again, it happens in Facebook and Orkut too), our comments are sent right to our inbox and so it’s easy to keep the conversation going (this too is available in Orkut with a little juggling under the settings section).
“Like” or “Comment” – Much like Facebook?
When Facebook introduced the “like” feature on status messages and posts, it became a rage. It defines the ease of not to comment and still show your expression of liking a post. But with Gmail Buzz introducing it, it is not a fire in the bush. Why? Because we have already experienced it in Facebook. It’s like same thing in new clothes.
“Follow your friends”- Much like Twitter?
It has ‘following’ and ‘followers’ concept. Rings a bell? Yes, we all have been followed by and are following others on Twitter. Again, nothing new with this.
Connect to sites you already use
Import your stuff from Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader. Doesn’t sound new. Even Facebook asks us to import contacts from Orkut and import email addresses from almost any online email service.
There are a lot more features, actually a lot more. We need to explore them before commenting. Before saying tata bye-bye and Happy Browsing, I would like to quote Google and views of few of my friends who have used Buzz (I tweeted and facebooked to ask their opinions on Buzz).
Google (Bradley Horowitz): “It’s becoming harder and harder to find signal in the noise.”
Friend (via facebook): “It’s gud if most of the people are online on gtalk most of the time…many of my friends use yahoo mail, so I can’t stay connected with them!”
Friend: “It’s a clone of twitter and facebook yaar!”
A Close Friend: “Don’t understand what Google guys want to make... a new mailbox feature or a new social network app?”
Friend (via twitter chat): “.... ya I used it vibha... it's pretty much like FB thing...”
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Reader's Comments
 Feb 11, 2010 at 16:20 PM
Nice Vibha... after all google is not always first in its attempt... agree with ur points completely..
 Jun 28, 2010 at 12:00 AM
Great article. It is really an interesting thing to learn your blog. The information from your site is strictly excellent.
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