Importance of Service Management Software in Consumer Durable Industry
Posted on:  May 28, 2010


At the time where economists have termed the recent recession as the worst in over 60 years, downsizing costs, maximizing efficiencies and making customers happy have become more important than ever. Business managers who have understood this dictum have survived the tough times; others have succumbed to the circumstances. 
Manufacturers in particular, have to take special care that the income that comes from selling their products can very well become an unavoidable expense, if the after-sales service and support is not looked into. Organizations are looking for measures to achieve this.
The most sought-after solution for this is Service Management Software. This system allows the manufacturer and the service partners (that independently handle the service support for multiple manufacturers) to automate the service and support process and help in:
·         Maximizing Efficiency
·         Reducing Overhead Costs
·         Streamlining the Repair chain
·         Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
Service Management Software is an intelligent automation tool that helps in reducing the Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of service rendered for a product and measuring product performance and gap analysis. Many manufacturers from consumer electronics and cellular industry have already encashed on Service Management Software from different vendors, and agreed to have experienced controlled TAT, product analysis and minimized chances of pilferage in service claims.
Key features of Service Management Software
Warranty Management- The In-warranty or Out-of-warranty service/repair makes a lot of difference in defining the income or expense of the business. If the product is down for repair while it is In-warranty, it would be an expense to the manufacturer; while an Out-of-warranty call is an income. Managing the warranty status, which is a key module of this software is pertinent.
Spare part Inventory- Service Management Softwares help in synchronizing asset management with every service center so that the customers never have to go away due to stock shortage. The system is configured with the warehouses and other governing bodies who keep an eagle’s eye view to ensure that every service center at different repair levels has the minimum stock level maintaned.
Claim Management- In the absence of Service Management Software, it is difficult for a service center head to supervise the claim management process. Differentiating the valid and genuine claims from invalid claims becomes easy with the Service Management Software, as every step is recorded and the escalation traced.
Reverse and Forward Logistics- Tracking the complete movement of spare-parts from warehouse to the service centers against indent/PO and defective product/spare-parts back from service centers to the warehouse simultaneously is crucial while maintaining a stock balance. Service Management Software helps in maintaining & managing the balance.
Service Management Software is an end-to-end service CRM that gives you the flexibility and scalability to manage the post-sales service operations. If you are in the manufacturing industry, or run authorized service centers catering to different brands, you can now reduce the losses of downtime and improve productivity of your business with an end-to-end Service Management Software.
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Reader's Comments
 Jun 08, 2010 at 17:40 PM
This is really a nice post. Thanks for the information. I look forward to more of such posts :)
 Sep 18, 2010 at 04:01 PM
very good..., thank you
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