Posted on:  Oct 03, 2011

Given a chance, don’t we usually feel tempted to buy a mobile phone from outside India? Our idea is that we will get it at a 'cheaper' price. But are we forgetting something very important?

A comprehensive range of mobile phones has now been launched in India, and increasing network of mobile dealers offers customers the privilege of many interesting schemes and offers. Yet, consumers feel an urge to buy a mobile handset from outside India. (Whether it is a matter of prestige since your kin got it from overseas, or your instinct that says you would get it at a 'cheaper' price, is something I’m doing a thesis on). Just saying.

Let me state some myth busters in case you don’t know already. And in case you know and still render them irrelevant, please read the explanations once again. This time, carefully. For your dear-hard-earned-bucks sake, please.

Warranty. One of the biggest factors you might be putting at risk. There are 3 types of warranty if you have heard of just one.

One is the Manufacturing Warranty. This is the one offered by the original manufacturer of the product for repairing the mobile phone in case any defects are found after purchase.

Second is the Replacement Warranty. This is offered by the dealer/seller or the manufacturer to replace the mobile phone for any manufacturing defects and if the device is still in the warranty period.

Third is the Dealer Warranty. This is when the dealer offers to get the mobile phone repaired within a certain period after purchase.

Many manufacturers allow the warranty of their handsets limited only to the country of purchase. Apple India also clears the air with: “iPhone is the only Apple product that comes with the warranty limited to the country of purchase”. Now though I understand that if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone!, BUT why ask your uncle or aunt to get it from Singapore or The States? Not even Maple India would help offer any replacement warranty in that case. (Same is the case with Blackberry).

In short, the warranty of many mobile handsets is limited to the country in which it was purchased. Why extend the risk by purchasing from overseas?

There are many subsets of this mobile phones warranty issue. Let me keep it for the next post. Till then, you may surf some good mobile phone dealers across India and bargain a bit more :-)

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