Outlook Express Deleted Folder Recovery
Posted on:  Aug 20, 2008

Let’s start with outlook express deleted folder recovery.You don’t need any kind of software for to recover your deleted files. All you need is to follow few simple steps for this: For e.g. you were working on outlook express and by mistake you have deleted folder containing your important emails.

To Do: First make an attempt to search your folder in the deleted items. If you find the folder existing move from deleted items. And incase the folder is not present there in deleted items, just calm down and follow the following steps:

1. Never close your outlook express: Go to Tools > Options > Maintenance and click on the ‘Store Folder’ Button (this will show you the location where your messages are stored).

2.Copy the location and go to Start > Run. Paste that location and click ok. Here you will get the deleted folder dbx file. For e.g. you have deleted the folder named as ‘Important Mails’ so, you will get the file named as important mails.dbx. Copy that file to other location and close outlook express. (With this process you have created the backup of your deleted mails).

3. Now again open outlook express go to Inbox and create a folder with the same name Important Mails.

4. Close outlook express and go to location where your messages are stored. Here you will find a dbx named as important mails.dbx. Replace this file from the previously saved important mails.dbx file. Now, start outlook express and all your mails are recovered!

 • :: Important Tips: Once you deleted the folder, don’t ever close Outlook Express. If you close it, your session will be expired and your file will get deleted.

• In the process of restoring make sure that you have copied the dbx file.

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Reader's Comments
 Mar 25, 2010 at 20:40 PM
look great i dont try yet but hope that it works Thanks
 Jun 29, 2010 at 09:40 PM
Thanks for your advice...thats really good.
 Dec 23, 2010 at 23:31 PM
what solution for users of MSOutlook2003
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