Magical Steps Behind Software Testing
Posted on:  Sep 22, 2008


These days where every industry are facing lot of competition against its products or application, only those companies could survive in this market, that offer safe, secure and quality product or application to customer. There are some magical steps behind to develop quality product or application. Just follow these steps and deliver a quality product to your customer. Take a one step further with the following steps and be a preferred choice of your target customers:

Magical Steps:

1. Feasibility

2. Requirement Analysis and Design

3. Code generation and Implementation

4. Testing and Quality Assurance

5. Maintenance and Support

Feasibility: Do the feasibility study of your project; I mean to say check whatever project you are going to develop make sure that it can proceed ahead with given terms and conditions. If it can proceed then go ahead to make project plan, project cost estimation and other information for the developing the first step.

Requirement Analysis and Design: Once your project is feasible to develop, and then make a note of the Requirements of the project. Conduct a business analysis, market trend analysis, interface design and data design etc. Every design and analysis of project should be completed under a well defined process that includes certain steps. During this phase you have to make a structure of the entire application. This phase also tells you about the strategy to be followed during the development stage. This step is just as a logical system of the project.

Code generation and Implementation: In this step, we will generate our code against the defined design. Our product or application will be created under some programming languages like java, c, c++, .net etc. and with some tools like compiler, debugger etc.

Testing and Quality Assurance: The most popular and critical phase of any project. This step will check if your code is producing the expected output, and result meets the customer requirement? Is application or product user friendly? Is product or application safe and secure? Is application is reliable? Many more aspects of the application will be tested in this phase. This step will catch all the week points of the project and will provide best suggestion to improve them.

Maintain and Support: This step is a project need because several times we would need to make certain important changes in the product or application during post implementation period. This step will handle these kinds of things. This step will follow after your project has been delivered to your client. Your system will need to maintain it according to changes or unexpected inputs flowing in from the client’s end. These steps really play an important role in developing a successful software application.

So what you people are thinking now, just follow these steps and provide the safe, secure and quality product or application to your customer and prove that: “YOU ARE THE BEST” because “YOU HAVE QUALITY”.  

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