Concentrate on the UI Testing
Posted on:  Sep 25, 2008

People run behind attractive things, go anywhere, but only those things are successful which have the combination of attraction and quality. Same rule follows in our software industry, if your software has attraction and quality then customer will follow you. Now you people will be thinking about the USP of software and the most appealing USP is “USER INTERFACE” (UI). Customer prefers attractive and quality software. Here we will discuss how can we develop our software attractive and user friendly.

Just follow some step to test your UI design and develop an attractive USER INTERFACE. Follow these Simple Steps for UI testing:-

1. When you click on application icon to start, brief software information should appear during the software loading time.

2. There should be ‘Help’ menu for your software.

 3. The proper commands and options should be present in each menu.

4. All buttons on all tool bars should have corresponding key commands.

5. Each menu command should have an alternative (hot-key) key sequence.

6. Drop-Down List Box value should not be truncating.

7. Duplicate hot keys should not exist on each screen.

8. Provide proper and valid warning for Escape key.

9. Cancel button and Escape key function should be same.

10. OK and Cancel buttons should be grouped separately from other command buttons.

11. All field labels/names should be meaningful to system users.

12. All command buttons should be of the same size, same font and same color.

13. Hot key combination should work with command buttons.

14. Duplicate hot key should not be allowed for a command button.

15. Window/Dialog box should have clear default value. Default value should not be focused on Close or Cancel button.

16. Do not use abbreviations for any option and radio buttons.

17. All fields and components of software should be logically grouped with each other.

18. Tab key sequence should follow logically sequence for the screen.

19. Mouse actions should be consistent against crossed window.

20. Red color should not use for highlighted alive objects.

21. Application should not prescribe the desktop background features.

22. Ctrl + F6 button should open next inside tabbed window.

23. Shift + Ctrl + F6 should open previous inside tabbed window.

24. Tabbing should be enabled for the next editable fields for the current window.

25. Banner size, style and display should be same for the whole application.

26. Maximum 8 or less than 8 options should be viewed in a list box without scrolling.

27. If any error appears for any field, then returning tab focus should be on the error fields.

28. Font size should be same.

29. Pressing Alt+F4 should close the active window and should return to the previous window or main menu.

30. Help text should be provided for the used fields, button and other components of the software.

31. All fields should be disabled if it is in read-only mode.

32. Progress messages or sign should appear if software is taking time for loading or processing for any things.

33. If loading process is failed for checked window then fails results or window should not open.

34. Each & every process and steps should be self-explanatory by text messages.

 These are some steps, which should be tested for any software’s UI. User Interface Testing plays a very important role in your software testing. So before releasing your software you must check your software UI is tested or not. These steps will surely help in your UI testing. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your UI testing and develop ATTRACTIVE & USER FRIENDLY software.

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