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Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
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  Client: Godfrey Philips India
Business Sector: Tobacco and Tea Manufacturer
Solution: Online Database Management System
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The Client:
Godfrey Philips India (GPI) is the second largest cigarette player in India, with its products being distributed predominantly in all parts of the nation. GPI undertakes manufacturing and marketing of cigarettes, tobacco and tea, and markets its products under the brand names Four Square, Red and White, Jaisalmer, Cavanders and Tipper.

The company has an established aim of increasing operational efficiencies and raise high in competition with revolutionary brands like Stellar and others.

Business Situation:
The client undertakes various on-ground promotional campaigns to promote its cigarette brand, and in an initiative to reach the masses as well as classes, it distributes Personalized Customer Contact (PCC) forms at a massive scale, undergo mobile promotion activities with SMS and Out Dialing service, among many others. They deploy marketing people to approach customers (smokers) at various shop outlets and offer them to fill the Contact forms, with an intention to utilize their details for promotional activities and create brand awareness.

The loophole was realized in the non-utility of the Customer Contact Forms, as they were collected in the digits of lacks, but did not offer any real help when it comes to streamlining, collating and using the data. The forms, stored in warehouses were rarely useful and the very purpose of collecting these was deceived. For example, it got tedious to find out the forms of a particular slot to run a campaign.

Hence one of the major goals of GPI as a cigarette manufacturing company was to get a manageable and streamlined platform from where they can track the proceedings of the forms. GPI thus needed an end-to-end application from where they can extract the data as and when needed, and cull out the information of the existing as well as potential customers.

Business Situation:
GPI's DBMS offered 2 application interfaces:

The Data Entry Interface works on 3 levels:
  • Data Entry - The Data Entry operators are functioned to import the Contact Form information in the online database. Once they imported and saved the details of the customers, their records could easily be seen anytime in future. As there are multiple fields in the online form, it helps the marketing manager to select specific fields (according to the campaign nature).
  • Scanning - Keeping in sync with the lawful practices, all the online forms are scanned. For legal security purposes, Contact forms are scanned and saved for future reference. This is in order to keep a proof of the customer's willingness to be contacted via the opted mediums.
  • Quality Check - As the entries are done manually by the data entry operators, chances of mis-matching or bad data entry became possible. So to ensure that the entered data is 100% correct, the operators run Quality Check of the entire recorded data. The forms are re-checked and the information re-matched.
Only when these three steps happen in tandem, the marketing manager gets to mine the data. All the three processes compliment each other and highlight the structural flow of the project. The data operators get to access a smooth application where entering the fields is as simple as 1 2 3.

The Marketing Management Interface works on 7 levels:
  • Create Campaign - Our developers understood the pressing need of creating online GPI campaigns, and thus created a highly customizable application with multiple filters. The marketing manager can dissever the data according to different filters like Self/competitor, Segment, Brand, State, City, Age Group, Chart, Chart and Data.
    For instance, when the marketing manager has to create a campaign for RSFT (Regular Sized Filter Tipped) cigarette, he can check its competitors? brands (in-built mapping displays the competitor's result), and initiate the campaign in the very direction.
  • Campaign Library - Gives the detailed reports of existing, closed, as well as yet to start campaigns. This field is especially developed to let the marketing manager have an eagle's eye view of all the campaigns. The search criterion is kept simple yet all-inclusive.
  • Search a Customer - This feature is of immense importance for the marketing manager to carry out the promotional activities. When the manager has to target a particular set of customers for any project, he can choose any search criteria and get the results.
  • Database Search - the Database Search module is designed for mining the data from the campaign. The database search is conducted outside the campaign and the customer's record can be extracted any number of times.
  • Upload Mobile Responses - We knew that GPI's advertising campaign runs with different mediums like SMS, IVR, PCC, etc. This module comes handy when the data operators need to import the SMS or IVR details in the application's database. This includes the number of calls / SMSs sent, delivered and pending to the potential customers. This helps the marketing manager to keep a track of mobile promotional activities.
  • Data Archiving - We were aware of the dynamic nature of the data collected from the Contact forms, and hence introduced the Data Archiving feature in the DBMS. To minimize the redundancy of the data, the manager can create and add filters that would sideline that particular data from the active search result.
  • Database Reports - This feature lets the manager conduct a search on the entire universe of data, including the archived and active data.

Technology Used:
Dot Net 2.0

The solution proposed by our team and its successful implementation has marked a noticeable success in GPI's market share. The virgin markets of East India, for instance, among many others have witnessed an emphatic growth in its market share.

The comparison table given below narrates the scenario - before and after introducing the system implemented by Zed-Axis team.
Task Before After Advantage
Data Entry Typed into Excel sheet Carried out using custom built application, specific to each marketing campaign Data Entry was now master driven, much more relevant and error free. Redundancy reduced exponentially. The system now had a robust database; hence scalability was no longer an issue.
Data Validation No coherent way to validate data Complete data coherency was acceptable as proofreading of the data was possible Absolute accuracy and quick reference to the records whenever required.
Presence of Forms Physical presence of paper forms Digital Interface for data entry operators and marketing managers Papers that were prone to deteriorate were now scanned and stored online. The Paper forms were sent back for recycling, which was also environmental friendly. Large amount of money was saved in storing and over-heading the forms.
Data Storage Lack of any data warehouse for proper storage of data Online data warehouse which stored the data systematically The entire data entered using the Data Entry application was stored systematically into a data warehouse. The Marketing Manager could now easily extract the data.
Data Extraction Non availability of any system to extract information for running campaign A module within the system was also provided to the Marketing Manager for extracting profiled data as per the requirement. The module enabled the marketing manager to choose amongst a combination of various complex parameters, and extract as many records he wants for any campaign, by a click of a button. The data that used to take weeks to compile was now being made available in seconds.

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