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Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
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  Client: One of the leading Brands in Sanitary & Kitchen Appliances
Business Sector: Sanitary Ware, Kitchen Appliances & Wellness
Solution: Project Tracking System
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The Client:
One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of innovative sanitary ware and wellness products. The concerned manufacturer has Research, Development and Design Centers in India, with a huge staff to aid their business operations.

Business Situation:
The client in question is a manufacturer giant in sanitary ware. As the demand for its products skyrocketed, so did the number of projects and employees. The employees are tasked with completing their respective projects in scheduled time, effort and budget plan and providing analysis and reports for the same.

The higher volume of projects, combined with a growing staff made it difficult for the concerned manufacturer to track whether projects are performing as expected.

The manufacturer handled the project reports manually. The employees used to submit their time sheets, job cost and expenses incurred in their respective projects to the main office via face-to-face meetings, email, fax or phone. This often muddled up the entire project tracking process, as no email software or fax machine system can measure a project's estimated time, efforts and budget reports as a benchmark.

It was then that the concerned manufacturer realized that manual spreadsheet based system wouldn't work anymore. They realized that delay in reports was affecting project profitability and it is time they use a smart Project Tracking Software that allows Project Managers/Owners to manage their projects effectively. They approached Zed-Axis seeking an extremely easy-to-use software solution that can be perfectly used by their employees with little technical knowledge.

Zed-Axis comprehended their business situation and developed a Project Tracking Software that is scalable and offers real-time visibility. The software was designed to cater unlimited users and multiple projects. Following are the main modules designed in the software:
  • Project Creation - The solution allows the user to add project details like timeline, budget, milestones, scope definition, document uploading.
  • Project Status Updating - Unlike other rigid softwares, our project tracking application allows the users to edit/update the project status on timeline, budget, scope and milestones parameters.
  • Project Status Reports - Our flexible solution allows the Project Manager to view project(s) status reports, filtered by various parameters. He can view the timeline deviation report, budget deviation report, and review remarks by the super admin.
  • Management User - The solution offers acute transparency in project handling. Any changes made by users in the solution would be visible to the management. They can view graphical reports of all the projects and even give remarks after reviewing the project.
  • Super Administrator - Our Project Tracking Solution allows the - Super Administrator to manage projects, users and departments.

Technology Used:
Microsoft Centric:
ASP.Net Framework 3.0, MS SQL 2005 or 2008, Visual Studio.Net, CSS, JavaScript

Designing Tools:
Photoshop, HTML, XHTML, Macromedia Dream Weaver, Macromedia Flash

Operating System:
Window 2003, IIS 6.0 & Com + service

Browser Compatibility:
Internet Explore Version - 7, Mozilla Firefox - 3.0.

Before After Implication Benefits
No measure to track multiple projects’ status Projects can be tracked at every development step Multiple projects can be handled easily and smoothly Acute visibility on all completed, in-process and delayed projects
Regular status meeting to discuss projects’ status Easy login, click and update method to view projects’ reports Reduced meeting efforts fetches project related information instantly A central portal for employees, project managers and super administrator saves meetings time and cost
No apparatus to calculate the completion date of projects-in-operation Our Software offers foresight to plan more projects More projects could be aligned without disturbing the current projects operation Proper project management allows on-time delivery of projects
Delayed Project delivery to the client On-time delivery of projects owing to proper project tracking and  management A radical shift in the way projects are delivered to the client Improved communication with the client

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