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Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
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  Client: One of the leading Mobile Manufacturers
Business Sector: Mobile Telecommunications
Solution: Repair Management System
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The Client:
One of the Leading Mobile Manufacturers - a global provider of mobile multimedia devices, including feature-rich phones. The mobile phones made by the concerned manufacturer combine powerful technology with innovative applications for mobile imaging, music, communications and entertainment.

Business Situation:
The mobile manufacturer successfully delivers world-class mobile phones for a multitude of customers. The mobiles are known for their high quality and robustness. However, virtually every product demands repair as it deteriorates after a period of time, depending on its machinery, handling and usage.

The manufacturer in question has various service centers & franchisees where customers bring in their defective handsets for repair. While the engineers at these centers repair or replace the phone, there was no solution that could track the turn around time of a mobile phone's repair across multiple channels including service level centers, manufacturer and customer.

The manufacturer had no visibility over the repair status, and hence could not track the flaw in the chain management. The customers often got dissatisfied due to the delay, which highlighted the need for a streamlined repair management process. The manufacturer approached us with this problem and anticipated a solution that could:
  • Help the Service Centers to place the order for the parts and close the pending calls
  • Provide instant visibility on the status of each mobile phone repair
  • Help the manufacturer to track the service centers' performance
  • Help the manufacturer to see which mobile set fails the most in the market
  • Track the complete history of the handsets during repair cycle

Technical Situation:
The business analysts and software architects at Zed-Axis comprehended the situation and decided that the client requires an end-to-end Customized Repair Management Online Application that would not only keep the manufacturer apprised of the service centers' working capabilities, but also keep the customers informed of the status of their mobile repair. Since each service centre has multiple service executives, it was pre-supposed that they may have multiple logins.

Zed-Axis designed a tailor-made Repair Management System for the manufacturer that keeps track of mobile repairs and customer accounts. The application developed by us includes various modules like claims processing, part returns, field inventory and warranty analytics.

Every captured job sheet revolves around two types of calls - In warranty Calls and Out of Warranty Calls.

Following are the important modules of the online application:

Work Order Creation: We created the Work Order Creation module in the application that allows the service center executives to create work orders for in-warranty and out-of-warranty calls. This helps to keep a track of repair history data and backlog reports

Spare Part Inventory: This module of the application allows two major functions to the service centers:
  • Purchase Spare parts - At any time, the service centers can purchase spare parts from the manufacturer.
  • Stock Transfer - The service centers can ask for mobile parts to meet their Minimum Stock Level (MSL).

Reverse Logistics: The mobile phones sometimes traverse a long journey from a lower repair level centre to the higher in chain, depending on the scope of repair. Our Repair Management Application was designed in a way that every service level centre is mapped only to the next and previous in the hierarchy. This ensures quick, efficient and cost-effective collection and return of handsets.

Part Claim/Service Claim: This module was especially designed for the respective service centers to support their claim. Part Claim or Service Claim feature is configured in the system, wherein, either the service engineer can claim:

Part Claim: Request for either the part or money for that part value. Service Claim: Request for service claims, depending on the level of repair.

Dead On Arrival (DOA): The Dead On Arrival policy of the manufacturer says that any handset that is deemed faulty (along with some other conditions) within a stipulated time of sale should be replaceable with a new kit. In this case, the consumer either goes to the retailer, distributor or the service level centre. With an objective to minimize the false cases of DOA undertaken by service centers and customers, we incorporated DOA module in the application. With this module, the engineers at the service centre log in and enter the details against the cell phone's IMEI number. The manufacturer was thus able to view the details of the defective handsets.

Reports: The Repair Management application allows the client to generate as many reports (transactions) he wants. The manufacturer can retrieve the data logically and have a visibility on:
  • Repair Reports
  • Stock IMEI Details
  • Dispatch Reports
  • The Most Failing Manufacturer's Mobile Parts
  • Top Failing Mobile Models
  • Opened and Closed Work Orders
  • Open Work Orders
  • Pending Work Orders
  • Particular IMEI History

Technology Used:
Dot Net 3.5 (C#)
SQL Server 2000

Before After Implications Benefits
No control over the repair turn around time A systematized solution to measure the repair turn around time A one-to-one solution that defines the mobile phone’s repair process Manufacturer could keep a follow-up on the mobile phone’s repair status
No measure for tracking ASC performance A complete repair management solution for all service centers A defined repair work process for service level centers Manufacturer could keep a visibility on the working of each service centers
No facility to inform customers of their repair status Customers are informed of the status of their phone’s repair Outstanding Repairs Report system Better Client-customer relationship
Time consuming and tedious repair management cycle Streamlined and easy repair management procedure Ease for service centers, customers and manufacturer Minimal time and effort consumption in Repair Management
No option available for manufacturer to see Repair History Repair History Search function enabled Automatic search to see if the phone has been in for repair before Reports help the engineers to troubleshoot the problem
Feeble communication between service centers and manufacturer over stock control Manufacturer is always informed of the stock record Keeps track of the parts stock Service centers are never short of mobile parts

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