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Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
Custom Software Development Company India
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  Client: Vodafone
Business Sector: Mobile Telecommunications
Solution: Loyalty Solution
View Project:

The Client:
Vodafone is among the world's leading mobile telecommunication company that has strong business holds in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States. With the alliance of its various partner networks, Vodafone has reached to more than 60 countries, and offers voice, messaging, data and roaming mobile network to its customers spread worldwide. It also offers 2G and 3G networks, operated over GSM and GPRS network standards.

Business Situation:
Being a governing Mobile Communication service provider, Vodafone enrolls innumerous on-role and off-role employees that are directly or indirectly related to the branding and promotion of Vodafone. Dedicated off-the-role employees are contracted from various agencies and ensure customer satisfaction to the core.

Vodafone as a company strongly believes that employees who are appreciated for their diligent work and attitude translate into a higher level of productivity and growth within a company. So in a constant endeavor to applaud its off-the-role employees, Vodafone decided to initiate a Reward Policy, wherein the different supervisors could allocate few points to its employees, which could be redeemed by them for goods or merchandise.

The motive of the Employee Reward Policy in a nutshell:
  • To complement employees efforts and maintain a healthy employer-employee relationship.
  • To mark the presence and impressive years of service and loyalty of off-the-role employees who are the direct conversant links to its existing as well as potential customers.

Vodafone approached to us with its Loyalty Solution idea and required us to formulate and develop an application that could provide all the properties of a Reward Policy Program.

Technical Situation:
Zed-Axis team came to agreement that the client required an online database application with multiple logins, that would let the HR and supervisors allot reward points to its off-the-role employees.

As the application was completely employees centered, it was pre-supposed that it would be convincing if it covered a login access for the end-employees, from where they could check and redeem the points alloted in their quota. But the Zed-Axis team opined the falsity of the Employee Login because of three primary reasons mentioned below:
  • Employees were often engaged in the field work.
  • These employees were changed frequently.
  • They had no direct and regular access to Internet.

It was hence decided to rope in the SMS integration facility for informing the employees.

So the solution clearly demanded three login panels and SMS gateway integration, and Vodafone Yo Card application is a perfect amalgam of all these four mandates.

Vodafone Loyalty Solutions Yo Card application offered 3 Admin interface. The constant updates and data management also called for a DBMS. The Vodafone Yo Card application thus entailed SQL 2003 DBMS.

Here is how we codified the 3 Level Login Interface:

HR Admin - The Master Head who had been allowed to gain a top-end visibility to set and see every detail, including how many points has the supervisors allocated, and how many have been redeemed. The HR's dashboard also views a snapshot of the top (supervisors) gainers in the past 6 months.

What the HR could do:

Manage Function: The HR creates and manages the functions, i.e, he creates various categories of supervisor and allot them few points each depending on their team size.

Manage Sub Function: A supervisor may further have more sub-divisions, and the HR can create the sub function list.

Manage Agency: This application was specially designed for Vodafone's off-the-role employees who come from different agencies. To track these employees' details, the HR is given the facility to add agency details, which helps them streamline the employee's details.

Manage User: The HR being the supreme authority was given the access to manage the supervisors. That is, he can allot, re-allot or re-re-allot them measurable points and check the points status.

Manage Reports: The HR was also given the access to manage the Award Points Status Report detailing the function name, Balance Points, Newly Allocated Points and other necessary details. The HR could also export the report for steady reference.

Supervisor - The Team Head who would be responsible for allotting the points to his team mates. The application has no strings attached on to it, as far as the reward points distribution criteria is concerned. The Supervisor's dashboard also views a snapshot of the top (employees) winners in the past 6 months.

What the Supervisor could do:

Manage Employee and Award Employees: The supervisor could create the employee list by creating employees record once, and can then award them points.

Reports: The Supervisor was given the accessibility to view its employees points redemption status. He could select the necessary fields and run a search to view the reports. The same could also be exported in an excel sheet.

Redemption Agent: The one-point-contact person who would virtually hand over the gifts to employees who are awarded the points. The Redemption Agents' dashboard also views a snapshot of the top products during the past 6 months.

Manage Products: The Redemption Agents were to have a full-on visibility on gift items available in the warehouse. The Redemption agent was given all important access to reconcile with the product quantity and type.

Manage Products: To manage, categorize and streamline the inventory, the Redemption Agent could manage.

Redeem Points: To cross check the credentials of the employees who claim to have Vodafone Employee Reward Points to their credit, the Redemption Agent could check the employees' code (which is also his agency employee code). For this end, our developers have codified a special feature that would allow the agents to ascertain the employee's credibility.

Re Print Invoices:

Reports: As the agent is the sole distributor of gifts, he was allowed to keep a high-end visibility on:
  • Inventory Report
  • Redemption Report

Technology Used:
Dot Net 2.0 (C#)
SQL Server 2003

The solution proposed by our developers and account manager has given rise to a complete clutter-free and systematized process for Vodafone to accredit its employees.

Before After Implications Benefits
Decentralized procedure of honouring off-the-shore employees A systematized accreditation platform   Employee satisfaction and morale booster One stop application solution for managing Employee Reward Policy
Half communication between Super Head, Head and the Employee Automated generation of Points given/received/ redeemed Seamless process flow Minimal time consumption and discontinuous access
Only one-level Supervisor to Employee interaction Three-level Admin panel- HR, Supervisor and Employee for complete structural flow Due accessibility to each Function Head Each function has condign accessibility, with HR Head given the visibility till the end level
Redemption Agents were untouched of the Reward Policy Cycle Redepmtion Agents are an important part in the process and has a login No misleading inormation flows from employee to Redemption Agent Crystal clear and transpaent procedure with zero deceit chances

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