Zed-Mobility™: Your Field Service Management Software in India

Zed-Mobility™ is field service management software for harmonizing field service operations through mobile applications. At a basic level, this involves scheduling of service orders, dispatching agents, and also tracking real-time vehicle locations and work status. Zed-Mobility™ mobile apps include Sales Management App, sales force tracking app, field sales mobile app, etc. helps to automate these routine tasks and provides the mobile apps access through a cloud-based platform. Our field management software is served in numerous industries including power industry, home & appliances, telecommunications, etc.

Why to Choose Zed-Mobility™: Field Service Management Software

One of the most visible changes lead by the adoption of Zed-Mobility™ has been the relationship between our clients and their customers. Our field management software solution allows employees at all stages of our client’s company to connect with their customers in very unusual ways through our various software mobile applications.

  • According to the experience, package shipping enterprises have utilized Zed-Mobility™ to eliminate their inefficiencies generated by driving, as our software solution is used to save money on petrol/fuel and maximizing driver’s productivity.

  • Zed-Mobility™ allows our reputed companies clients for intelligent scheduling and vehicle tracking easily, which was earlier, resulted in fewer missed appointments and customer dissatisfaction/complaints. We have resolved all these problems.

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  • Zed-Mobility™ also helps engineering and construction companies, to track their expensive machinery easily for maintenance needs and check their report time to time. By just installing our mobile app, complete details are tracked instantly.

  • Zed-Mobility™ even allows the drivers to immediately update their delivery information related to the company’s product through Zed-Mobility™ app. So that the concerned authority can look forward to it and they data is recorded automatically.

Industries Served by Zed-Mobility™: Field Management Software

Zed-Mobility™ is enhancing the growth of many industries by enabling the work process easily and efficiently as by just launching a Mobile app makes it all easy to process and track the various essentials of the industries. For eg. Health & Wellness, Home Ware, Computer Hardware, Computer Peripherals, etc.


  • "
    The requirements were well understood by the team. The output matched our expectation. I would recommend Zed-Axis and its team as very creative and understandable. The execution of the project was very fast.

    Ravi Talwar Area Sales Manager-India, Thai Airways International PCL.
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    The Zed-Axis team is edged with good visualization and technical skills in web design and new media. They have delivered desired results with a fast turn-around time.

    Aniruddha Sen Manager - eMarketing, ITC Ltd- Hotels Division
  • "
    Zed-Axis Team is completely reliable in extending post-implementation support for our Project. Their response time & efficiency reflects true professionalism.

    Snigdha Mehta Assistant Manager (HR), Vodafone

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